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Salvage issue #5: Contractions

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The fifth issue of Salvage, published October 2017. Worldwide postage available.


Sølvi Goard on transfeminism, China Miéville on Presidentialness, Sarah Grey on salvaging languages, Andrea Gibbons on the Grenfell fire, Valerio Starita on the new French movements, Harrison Fluss & Landon Frim on the alt-right, Sam Kriss on post-truth politics, Jordy Cummings on Trump and the Deep State, Pearl Ahrens on the ZAD, Richard Seymour on Marxism as sarcasm, Maïa Pal on migrant subjectivity and Brexit, Owen Holland on the commune in fin de siecle poetry, and an extract from Enzo Traverso's Left Wing Melancholia, on representations of revolution in film.

Plus, exclusive to the print edition: an outstanding piece of long-form fiction, Available Light, by Max Schaefer, poetry from Caitlín Doherty and Ed Luker, and an art essay by Thomas Eaton.